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Youth Programs:

Building 6000

Summer Hours:
12pm - 5:30pm
(Closed Sun, Holidays and ACC Family days)

Winter Hours:
2:30pm - 7pm
(Closed Sun, Holidays and ACC Family days)

Youth Programs:
(520) 228-8844



  • Baseball Registration Baseball Registration
  • Youth Center Youth Center
  • Youth Center Youth Center
  • Youth Center Youth Center
  • Youth Center Youth Center
  • Dang Soo Do Classes Dang Soo Do Classes
  • Baseball Regsitration Baseball Regsitration
  • Indoor Soccer Registration Indoor Soccer Registration

For more information regarding current programs, call (520) 228-8844

Summer Camp:

Aviation - designed to give attendees an experience that will help them determine if aviation or the AF Academy ia a career choice.

Leadership - provides youth what university life is like while developing their leadership skills.

Space - Youth will experience, imagine and interact through space shuttle mission simulation, tours of the center and a chance to witness the everyday challenges faced by astronauts.

Please contact the Youth Center for forms and further information. Criteria may be different for each camp. Applications should specify camp preference.



Name: Shareef T. Cuthbert

Organization: 355th FSS/FSFY

Years as a Club Member: 6 years
Name of High School: Sonoran Science Academy - Davis Monthan
Grade: 12th
GPA: 3.913
Intended College: Northern Arizona University
Planned Major: Visual Communications
Hours of Community Service: 206 for the Year of 2016

Volunteer Activities (please include activities in the community and at the Club): 
Candyland, Breakfast with Santa, Easter Egg Hunts, Keystone Conferences Community Service Project 2016 & 17, Keystone Sergeant of Arms 2015-2017, Stay Connected, Stay Smart, Homework Help, Worldwide Day of Play, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Starry Snowy Southwestern Night, Winter Haven Festival of Lights Food Drive, Passport to Manhood, Pima Animal Shelter, Kick Butts, Lights on After School, Pima Teen Court, 4-H Health Rocks Pre-teen Lock-In, Youth Program Haunted Gym, YP Summer Camp set up, National Night Out.

Favorite activities to do at the Club:
I like to participate in teen cooking activities, volunteer for my community and socialize with the advisors and club members.

How has the Boys & Girls Club impacted his/her life?
The Boys & Girls Club alleviated my social anxiety. When I became a BGCA member, I began to befriend many different people and embark on many adventures to give back to the community. I was also exposed to more public speaking activities, and I gained the ability to speak in front of hundreds of people without stuttering and without anxiety. I also garnered a more adventurous and outgoing attitude. Without the Boys & Girls Club, I would not be who I am today.

Other outstanding achievements: Honor roll all four years of High School, Leadership Awards, Citizenship Awards, Teen of the Month, Teen of the Quarter 2015-2017 ,Bronze ,Silver, and Gold Presidential Service Award, Congressional Award, membership in the National Society of High School Scholars, and Volunteer service awards, Keystone Club Servant Leadership Award.

What We Offer:

  • Indoor Gym
  • Craft Room
  • Study Room
  • Computer Training
  • Youth Sports
  • Outdoor Basketball Court
  • After School Program
  • Teen Center
  • Clubs
  • Life Skills Training
  • Lock-Ins
  • Trips
  • Dances
  • Contests
  • Art Shows
  • Awards
  • Youth Fitness
  • Power Hour
  • 4-H Programs
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Teen Only Dances
  • Job Readiness
  • Talent Contests
  • Presidential Service Award
  • Youth Sponsorship

Keystone Club

The purpose of the Keystone is to create high standards of health, education, character and citizenship in order for teens to develop into responsible, productive adults."Keystoning" offers teens the opportunity to: develop and use leadership skills, contribute to the community through service and volunteerism, foster understanding and respect between groups and individuals, learn life skills and information for living a responsible, fulfilled life, understand and participate in our free enterprise system through fundraising activities; enjoy fellowship and develop self-confidence; participate in local and national Boys & Girls Club Programs.

The Torch Club

The Torch Club is a nationally chartered Boys and Girls small group leadership and service club for youth ages 9-12. The Torch Club is a powerful vehicle through which club members can help meet the special character development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their development. Torch Club members learn to elect officers and work together to implement activities in four areas: service to club and community, education, health and fitness and social recreation.  Through the guidance of caring adults who mentor and empower them, torch members develop the essential character traits of responsibility, respect for self and others, trustworthiness, fairness and caring. They also learn leadership skills that help them influence others in a positive way

Youth Sponsorship Package:

Are you coming to Davis-Monthan AFB? Did you just arrive? We are excited you are coming here or already arrived.  Our youth sponsors are here to welcome you and help you make this your home.  You can check out our Youth Sponsorship Package or email us at dmyouthprograms@yahoo.com

Youth Sponsorship Package


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School Age Program:
Bldg. 6006

Mon-Fri 6:30am-5:30pm
Sat/Sun, Holidays & ACC Family Days CLOSED

School Age:
(520) 228-8206