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  • Kennedy Professional Development Center Kennedy Professional Development Center
  • Tuition Assistance and Community College of the Air Force Tuition Assistance and Community College of the Air Force Click for more information

The Professional Development Center

The Career Assistance Advisor directs enlisted professional enhancement (EPE) programs including the First Term Airmen Center. The CAA advises commanders and supervisors on issues impacting retention and counsels personnel of reenlistment opportunities and benefits.

EPE programs are designed to complement the leadership and professional development Airmen receive from Basic Military Training School (BMTS) and Professional Military Education (PME), as well as augment lessons learned from supervisory and leadership experiences in an effort to prepare Airmen for greater supervisory and leadership roles as they progress through their Air Force careers.

What we Offer:
  • First Term Airmen Course
  • Professional Enhancement Seminars
  • Informed Decision
  • Senior Non-commissioned Officer-Seminar
  • Silver Bullets Seminar
  • "Get it Write" Seminar
  • Career Counseling
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Special Duty Job Fairs
  • Guard/Reserve Recruiter Visits

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Education and Training

Operates and maintains education, training, and testing programs supporting the overall mission of ACC, assigned Air Force units, and the career and professional development of D-M personnel. The Kennedy Professional Development Center houses 23 classrooms utilized by three on-base colleges, units on base, the 55 ECG Language Learning Center and off-base partners including Border Patrol and the Army.

What we Offer

  • Military Tuition Assistance
  • Education Counseling
  • Briefings on educational opportunities
  • Testing Center for Professional Military Education (PME), Mandatory Career Development Program (CDC), Defense Language testing and academic tests
  • National Test Center for college level exam programs
  • Military testing for promotions and other personnel tests
  • High tech classrooms for training/classes
  • Satellite Broadcast capability
  • Three on base colleges offering degrees and certificate programs
  • Formal Training
  • Civilian Training
  • Language Learning Center in partnership with 55ECG

Airman Leadership School (ALS)

The Davis-Monthan ALS prepares Senior Airmen to be professional, war fighting Airmen who can supervise and lead Air Force work teams to support the employment of air, space and cyberspace power. Each class is 24 training days long. ALS instructors provide seven classes per year; graduating approximately 375 students per year. The ALS team works closely with personnel in leadership positions to provide numerous mentoring opportunities for Airmen attending the course. For more information, call 228-3054.