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The overall Congressionally-mandated mission of the Davis-Monthan AFB HG program is to provide military funeral honors (MFHs) for our nation’s fallen service members.  We must ensure that, upon request, a funeral honors detail is provided for all eligible service members.  The Davis-Monthan AFB HG will support this mission by providing the ceremonial support in our area of responsibility, which includes 8 counties in Arizona. In addition, the Honor Guard supports a wide variety of base and community functions including, but not limited to, change of commands, retirement ceremonies, community parades, special dinners, and formal retreats.


To request Military Funeral Honors please fax/scan the linked Honor Guard request form along with a DD Form 214 or other documentation of service and honorable discharge 520-228-4189 or email to DMAFB.HONORGUARD@US.AF.MIL. A request will not be honored without a follow up phone call so please call 520-228-4189 after sending the information.


Per protocol, please fill out the attached form and send it to the Base Public Affairs office for approval: 355wgpa@us.af.mil. Once they receive it and approve it, they will send the request to the Honor Guard and it will be added to the Honor Guard schedule. Please wait for a confirmation email or phone call.


Honor Guard membership is an official additional duty undertaken by exceptional Air Force members desiring to represent the service in a variety of ceremonies.  Ceremonial guardsmen are a picture-perfect example of individuals who are highly motivated, maintain exceptionally high standards of conduct, both on and off-duty, and exude enormous amounts of pride in all they do.  As ceremonial guardsmen, our actions bring credit to the United States Air Force and the Ceremonial Guardsmen profession.  Grieving families are truly comforted by the dedication and professionalism of our honor guard as they pay their final respects to the fallen comrades of today’s armed forces, as well as veterans of past wars.


The “Guard” can provide you with a new realm of life’s experiences and every trip is a memorable one, whether seeing new parts of this glorious country or meeting new people from all walks of life. Honor guard membership is open to both officers and enlisted personnel. Commanders are also encouraged to take a “tour” on the “Guard” and ride along, observe or even participate in a funeral detail. Be a part of something special, cultivate new friendships, forge a new path in your Air Force career and serve your country as a professional member of the Davis-Monthan AFB Honor Guard. Call 228-4189 today for more information!

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