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Benko Fitness & Sports Center

Cesar Vinueza
(520) 228-0022

At the moment, we no longer have a yoga class.

  • Kenneth M. Welch Kenneth M. Welch Kenneth M. Welch
  • Christine Pinkney Christine Pinkney Christine Pinkney
  • Jessica Jacobson-Mielnicki Jessica Jacobson-Mielnicki Jessica Jacobson-Mielnicki
  • Anthony Reill Anthony Reill Anthony Reill

Get fit with the help of a Personal Trainer!

Available at both the Benko Fitness Center and Haeffner Center.  All sessions are with certified trainers and cover cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

For more information, please contact the Benko Fitness & Sports Center at 228-0022


Fitness Brochure For April 2018:(Click image to see full schedule)