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Contact: Benko
(520) 228-0022/0021
M-F 0400-2400
Saturdays, Sundays, and Down Days: 0800-1800
Bldg 2301 on Fifth St.

Contact: Haeffner
(520) 228-3714
Bldg 2505 on Sixth St.

2016 annual calendar

2016 Annual Fitness Calendar

  • Welcome To the Benko! Welcome To the Benko! Take a moment to scroll through and see what all our facilities offer.
  • Free Weights Free Weights Our free weight room offers numerous types of strength training equipment for all body types.
  • Cardio (upstairs) Cardio (upstairs) Our upsatirs cardio room is surrounded by an indoor running track and has many types of cardio strength equipment and overlooks the court floor.
  • Court Floor Court Floor Our court floor is generally open court, but also used for Unit PT, Aerobic Classes, and Volleyball.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool Indoor Swimming Pool We also host an indoor pool, used for lap swim and some water aerobic classes. FMI please call 228-0015
  • D-M Fitness & Sports Annual Calendar 2016 D-M Fitness & Sports Annual Calendar 2016 Click for more information
  • Badminton Tournament Badminton Tournament Click for more information
  • Valentines 5K run Valentines 5K run Click for more information

On-going Programs

Indoor Pool

Located inside our Benko Sports & Fitness Center a heated six lane lap pool. Lifeguards are on duty.
We also offer quarterly Aquathons and other speacial events through-out the year. We have pool fitness equipment for your use (i.e. weights, boogey boards, noodles & more)
Come get fit with us!
Handicap accessible.

Indoor Pool Hours:
Mon-Fri: 6am-6pm
Saturday, Sunday, ACC Family Days & Federal Holidays: Closed
Phone: 228-0015

If you have any questions about the Indoor Pool please call or email:
connie.knoob@us.af.mil at 228-4491
wendy.ozment@us.af.mil at 228-2335


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Fitness Center Schedule:


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